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Oh goodness, it's so cold!

[There's a shriek that follows that and the intense shielding of oneself from the falling snow. Ino trains her eyes around her surroundings. It's obvious she's in the forest, but where exactly? Grumbling, she focuses on staying warm, at least as warm as she can get when she's dressed for a humid forest.]

It's really typical of this place to send you on a mission to a perfectly humid jungle only to dump you back into a freezing forest.

[Ino rambles, teeth starting to chatter amid the frigid air. A certain location looks different when covered in snow but she hasn't been in this place for two years not to know her way around. Two years, Ino recalls, come to think of it, this is my third winter in this place.

She sighs, her expression falling a little, as she focuses on finding her way to the village. Probably by the time she does reach its outskirts, she's freezing and looking ready to fall any moment.]

[Voice; much later]

So, I'm back.

[The voice behind this post, which obviously belongs to Ino, is tired and a little hoarse from sneezing a lot.]

If anyone ever needs me, I'll be available next week.

Or the week after that.

Or the week after that.

[There's a long sigh.]

I think I won't be going on any missions for a while.

[Not that she can promise that, but a long hot bubble bath and some well-deserved rest and relaxation for days are probably in order.]
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[Voice | Action for CH 1]

[Taking a break from her usual ikebana therapy, Ino's currently busy sorting out her wardrobe. Ever since most of her clothes got soaked by the storm during those fateful days, she has been carefully restoring her closet of her chosen outfits. Today's no different. After breakfast, she stopped by the clothing store and is now back with some shirts and skirts.]

I never thought a year worth of clothes is hard to replace! [A groan. Storing away her brand new clothes, she fishes out one familiar pair.] Good thing I saved my clothes from back home. Well, at least, some of it.

[A thoughtful pause as she continues to fix her wardrobe.] But wow, a year, huh? Never thought I'd be in this place that long. I guess with so many things that happened, time flew by so quickly.

Sure this place had given us a lot of headaches but it also gave us - or at least, me - a lot of good friends. [And a boyfran.] Hard not to think of that when you're complaining. [A snort, followed by the sound of someone trying to close a cabinet.]

You guys know who you are or do I have to send bouquets? I mean if that's-- Hey! [Oops, looks like someone just slipped trying to close her now full cabinet. With a huffpuff, Ino rolls her eyes.]

I think I'll need a bigger closet.


[Generally, Ino will be out and about in the village today. She can be seen in the clothing store eyeing these sort of clothes. She's also looking through a bunch of shoes that are in another corner of the store. She may or may not buy these things. Also, one might also see her searching for a new cabinet. Feel free to bug her if you so wish!]
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[Filtered AWAY from Sakura;]

[The journal post starts with a very cheerful voice of a woman who's obviously enjoying this day. And why wouldn't she?]

Okay, Luceti, so I heard today's Valentine's Day! --You know, that day you give chocolates to someone you love or go on dates and experience romance and--

Well, anyway, instead of hogging all the guys today, why not do some charity work?

[Now if only you can all see her huge grin.]

My best friend here who hasn't had a boyfriend since forever is available and totally single. She's none other than Haruno Sakura.

She's hard to miss, really. Her hair's as pink as the flower she's named after and her forehead's huge. She's nice, never mind her nasty temper, and is pretty smart.

[She snorts.] Of course, I'm smarter but you get the picture.

So, any takers?

[End of Filter;]

In line with my charity work, I'm gonna help all you hopelessly in love gentlemen profess your feelings in a classy way. What better way to do it than with some nicely-arranged bouquets in hand?

[Yes, Ino had thoroughly prepared for this. V-day is like her official holiday or something.]

They're for free, but stock is limited. So, hurry up! I'll have a makeshift stall by the fountain. See you there!
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This post is for threading with Yamanaka Ino anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals (voice or written) to get in contact with her for personal conversations. This will be used primarily for 'placement' threads such as: someone left a present or 'by the way, come to this party on such-and-such' or the like.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]
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